Guardianship Program

How it works

The Kiko Labradoodles Guardianship Program enables us to ensure all breeding dogs get to live happy and fulfilling lives. The most exceptional puppies are carefully selected and placed in to the care of a Guardian Family. The Guardian Family is responsible for all of the day to day pet care such as feeding, training, grooming, immunisations and general veterinary care etc.

As the puppy grows she will undergo a series of tests to determine her suitability for breeding. When the time comes I will collect her from the Guardian Home and take her to be mated. The dog then goes home to her family for the duration of her pregnancy before returning to my house to whelp and raise her litter. Her Guardian Family is encouraged to visit during this period. Once she has weaned her puppies she returns to her Guardian Home.

I truly believe this is the most ethical way to breed. Our girls don’t live in runs and aren’t exploited. They live fulfilling lives with their forever families and are usually retired after 2 or 3 litters.

On retirement the dog is desexed and ownership is signed over to the Guardian.

We charge a $1500 Guardianship Placement Fee which is payable when you pick up the puppy. We then pay the Gaurdian Family $500 each time the dog has a litter.

Please note there is no guarantee the dog will be suitable for breeding. In this case she will be desexed and ownership will be signed over to the Guardian Family.

Interested in becoming a Guardian ?

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